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About Us

CHP’s purpose is to help every health and social care system improve and integrate their services by providing a fit for purpose and cost-effective estate that is better for patients, better for staff and better for the public purse. We work closely with NHS commissioners and providers, NHS England (NHSE), NHS Improvement (NHSI) and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and our sister company NHS Property Services. 

We operate in partnership with 49 PPP (NHS LIFT) companies in which we have a 40% investment interest. The investment return received from the portfolio funds the Company’s operations.  CHP has evolved since its beginning in 2001 as a procurement and investment company to, in 2013, taking on a broader remit including the ‘end to end’ management of a specific PPP asset class of buildings.  Our present investment portfolio includes [330] buildings with a value of [£2.5b]. Our property and asset management portfolio includes [307] properties with a turnover of [c£300m]. 

The backbone of the company is its investment portfolio. The Company maintains a 40% interest in 49 LIFT companies across England covering 60% of the population and focused on areas of deprivation. We actively manage the portfolio to protect and enhance the £100m of public sector investment used to leveraged £2.5b capital investment.

We have an active pipeline of projects and support the development of schemes by providing the NHS with an informed client function. A business case proposing establishing access to similar PPP expertise across the whole of England is going though Government approvals process at the present time. As head tenant for the NHS LIFT estate we provide both professional property management services to our c1200 tenants, listening and responding to their needs, and strategic asset management services to improve utilisation and  drive out value which contributes to wider NHS cost efficiencies.

CHP provides a dedicated Strategic Estates Planning (SEP) expertise and resource  to the NHS to support local systems develop and implement strategic estate strategies and plans. We have agreed with DHSC that this expert team will move into the NHS in October 2018 reflecting the importance now put on the estate and the role it can play in transforming services; contributing to the financial stability of the NHS through the disposal of surplus estate and the release of capital and revenue funding; and providing land for housing, contributing to the DHSC housing targets agreed with Government. The Company will continue to enjoy a close working relationship with the SEP team following the transfer.  CHP is a values driven organisation focused on our customers. We invest in our 200 staff and have high staff engagement levels. There are three offices; Manchester, Birmingham, and London.  Our main Company offices are in Manchester and the Chair and CEO’s office is in London.

Our current priorities

Strategic Estate Planning: Working with key partners across England to lead and support a strategic approach to the planning, use and disposal of the primary healthcare and community estate and to ensure the delivery of savings.

Property Management: Strategically manage the CHP Estate to deliver a sustained and better quality of care to patients at a lower cost to the public purse.

Public Private Partnerships: Ensuring that public sector investment in the LIFT Programme is protected and providing a high quality and professional service that delivers excellent value for money to the NHS and creates new investment opportunities.

Commercial Solutions: Developing new and innovative commercial solutions to improve the primary and community healthcare estate.

Corporate efficiency: Operating as a professional and highly performing organisation that is focused on delivering a high quality service and added value the NHS.

Who we work with

Partnership working is at the heart of everything we do and we are working with partners across all sectors to improve services on the ground.

Against a back drop of growing demands and static or reducing budgets, our focus is on supporting commissioners, CCGs, NHS England, GPs and Local Authorities to plan and utilise their estates efficiently and ultimately drive much needed savings.

How we work with our key partners

We are working closely with NHS Property Services, NHS England, NHS Improvement, STPs, CCGs and local partners to deliver on our shared aim of positively contributing to health outcomes through the better use of the NHS estate. We are also enthusiastic members of the NHS Property Board.